Joe Buck used to drink tequila with Troy Aikman while calling games


Joe Buck just boosted his own case to be considered among the greatest sportscasters of all time.

The 51-year-old appeared on Colin Cowherd’s new podcast and was asked about his chemistry with Troy Aikman, whom he partners with for NFL broadcasts on Fox. Cowherd remarked that he and Aikman “sound like college buddies,” and that they both have a “small glass of bourbon” that they occasionally sip during the broadcast.

Turns out, he wasn’t far off.

“I’ll say this. We have had that glass of bourbon in the booth,” Buck said. “Although it’s not bourbon, it’s tequila, splash of Grand Marnier and grapefruit juice.”

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman in 2017.
Joe Buck and Troy Aikman in 2017.Getty Images

Buck noted that his chemistry with Aikman developed more slowly than with John Smoltz, with whom he calls baseball games. During those baseball games, Buck said, he would get a runner to grab “the biggest beer the stadium sold,” which he would gradually drink throughout the game.

“I had it sitting there and I would sip it from time to time to remind myself to relax and have fun. I’m just doing a game,” Buck said. “And I brought that over to football, but because Troy is a man of finer tastes, beer somehow became tequila, Grand Marnier and grapefruit juice.

“We haven’t done it in a long time now, but it was good for a stretch and I feel like it’s a good mental trigger to just chill and remind yourself that you’re not refueling an F-16 in mid-flight. You’re doing a sporting event and if you treat it like anything other than that, you’re doing yourself a disservice.”

Since Fox obtained the rights to “Thursday Night Football,” Buck and Aikman have been calling two games a week on the network. They will also call the Super Bowl in 2023.


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