Happy Christmas: Here’s Some Gifs of New Fire Acquisition David Accam

While we all await the next Chicago Fire announcement, we may as well relish the organization’s biggest acquisition of recent memory — David Accam

The man’s got speed, and style, now all the Fire need is service:


“Beep beep boop boop. Are you there Mr Yallop, it’s me, David.”

David Accam juke

Disappointed there’s no more defenders to juke.

David Accam Golazo

Post-Golazo “insurance” run to the post… potential State Farm cross-promotion?

David Accam Goal

When you hit a wall, you kick through the wall


Fun Fact: David Accam’s birth name was “Cut In From The Left”.  True story.


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OTF Contributor Brian Howe Battle is a Chicago local and will never use the word “treble” where “triple” will suffice. You can follow Brian on Twitter at @OwenGoal.

4 thoughts on “Happy Christmas: Here’s Some Gifs of New Fire Acquisition David Accam

  1. Merry Christmas to all!
    Why do I feel like Charlie Brown in regards to this front office gift? I hope and hope that this time everything will go right but …. but deep inside I suspect Mr. Accam will end being another lump of coal in my Christmas stocking … another lump of coal to be consumed by the Fire.

    Ho, Ho, Ho!

  2. Hope someone writes a piece about the new center back from Brazil. Still think the club is going cheap … but I could be wrong.

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