Chicago Fire Power Rankings: MLS Round Eleven

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Each week, OTF aggregates the power rankings and visits with the MLS pundits to see what they say about our toothless Chicago Fire… 



Aggregate = 17/19 ( – 1.2 from last week)

ESPN FC  (16)

“The move of Patrick Nyarko to forward proved a master stroke against Philadelphia, as he tormented the Union’s backline. But finishing was still a problem for Chicago, and Frank Klopas’ side was duly punished in a 1-0 loss.”

A master stroke, eh? Something tells me it wasn’t deliberate. The gaffer’s favorite Dutch treat was ill. No matter what Klopas says his intentions are, Chicago’s DP will be an expensive bench-warmer. Talk is cheap. We shall see…

Soccer America (16)

“Chicago’s 1-0 loss to Philly marked the fifth time it has been shut out this season though it is not the lowest-scoring team in the league.”

This factoid is astounding. Truly. (16)

“Patrick Nyarko supplied plenty of activity and little end product during his shift up front. His presence in that spot – and Frank Klopas’ decision to start him there over Sherjill MacDonald – reinforces the glaring need to improve the options in the final third sooner rather than later.

Another pundit not paying attention. Really though, can you blame him? Was Sherjill MacDonald supposed to play soccer with strep throat?

Soccer by Ives (17)

“Frank Klopas has to be going crazy. He watched his Fire side outplay the Union only to suffer a 1-0 loss. Fact of the matter is the Fire don’t have a reliable finisher on the roster. Sherjill MacDonald has regressed, Maicon Santos isn’t a go-to starter, and Patrick Nyarko is no more consistent a finisher than Dom Oduro was. The Fire need to start tinkering with their roster, and soon, or their season could get really ugly.”

Could get really ugly? Another question: How do we know Maicon Santos isn’t a “go-to” starter if he’s only received one start (at LA Galaxy)? MacDonald, however, has started at least six or seven times. “Tinkering with the roster” would mean starting Santos.

NBC Sports Pro Soccer Talk (17)

“What’s worse, just 1 of a possible 12 points so far on the road? Or just 6 of a possible 15 points at home? Hmmm.”

You know, that’s a good question. One thing’s for sure, continual kicks to the testicles ranks pretty high on the bad scale too. (17)

“If you can’t score, you’re not going to win too many games. And the Fire were shut out for the fifth time this season against Philly on Saturday. Another midseason rebuild seems like it’s got to come.”

Changes? Yes. A rebuild? Not a chance.

Sports Illustrated (17)

“The Fire have regressed a bit after appearing to turn things around. The main problem continued to be the lack of a true finisher after the club was shut out for the fifth time in nine games. Patrick Nyarko performed admirably in an advanced role against Philadelphia and could be part of the long-term solution, but the Union will be ready for him in the second of their back-to-back meetings this weekend.”

Five goose eggs in nine. Oy vey.

Yahoo! Sports (18)

“Chicago fans continue to insist that the Fire aren’t as bad as they’ve looked. The club’s record suggests otherwise.”

Who are these fans? Show yourselves!

Bleacher Report (18) 

“If matches were determined by possession and attempts on goal, the Fire would have easily won on Saturday at home against the Union. However, those statistics did not matter when the final whistle blew at Toyota Park because the Fire gave up a late goal to Jack McInerney. Frank Klopas’ club will get a shot at avenging their loss to the Union…at PPL Park this weekend.”

Bleacher Report: Masters of the obvious.


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