Goodbye Dommer, Hello Duka!

Sorry ladies. He's ours now.

Sorry ladies. He’s ours now.

On Friday night, Chicago Fire showed forward Dominic Oduro the door and in strolled young winger Dilly Duka. Tasty.

Welcome young Dilly. I'm sure you'll find Red to be much better than yellow. (photo:

Welcome young Dilly. I’m sure you’ll find Red to be much better than yellow. (photo:

Well folks, it looks like this blogger got what he wished for. As Soccer By Ives reported tonight, Chicago traded the Dommer for the Dilly. Now, as readers of this fine institution of soccer writing know, I don’t usually get in on the “breaking news” scene, nor do I try to regurgitate information that’s already been widely reported. But this little deal is close to my heart, so please indulge me for a moment, will you?

And about Duka, well, I’ll let the usual suspects give you the rundown on him. But if you simply can’t wait and need a fix now, here’s Dilly’s Wikipedia page:

Back in November, after Oduro made his feelings known that he wasn’t happy about being benched in 2012, I tweeted the following:

dom is trade bait

I hate to say it Fire Nation, but I told you so. Well, actually, I don’t hate to tell you so. I’m no fan of Dominic Oduro. And after having suffered through an entire season of his finishing ineptitude, poor touch, and no service with his smile, I say, “don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out of town Dom.” Oh, and by the way, you’re going to Columbus (ha). Have fun with that my friend.

Oduro: "Well, at least my girlfriend scores in the end." (Photo:

I’d feel the same way if had to live in Columbus. (Photo:

Now, for the Oduro fans and apologists out there (I know there are many), don’t be mad – especially at me. And if you haven’t already, read my long-form piece on Oduro from a few weeks back and maybe you’ll see things a bit clearer. But if that doesn’t do the trick, well, c’est la vie mes amis. He gone.

So what’s the moral of this story? The team comes first. Dominic Oduro let his inflated ego get the best of him, and now he’s a yellow banana. However, if he had kept his mouth shut and been willing to adapt to being a role-player on a changing squad, perhaps he wouldn’t be packing his bags for Columbus (ha) right now.

So now that “Mr. Freaky Fast” has been handed a one-way ticket to Columbus (ha), allow me to have some fun at his expense. After all, he is officially the enemy now.

A few months back, the Dommer (who happens to be a laugh riot on Twitter) made his feelings known about those of the female persuasion who reside in Columbus (ha). And let me say this: based on the leader photo in this article, I’m not quite sure what he’s smoking. But anyway, here’s a little sampling of the wit and wisdom Crew fans can look forward to:


My word.


Oh no you di’int!

Well, there you have it folks. Hairy chicks from Columbus, it looks like you’ve found your man. And Crew fans, don’t worry, the Dommer may disappoint on the pitch, but he sure is one hell of an entertainer. Don’t forget to follow him @Freakyfast8 

But wait, there’s more! Bonus tweet…

odurotweet2Now that’s just wrong.

Get your nose plugs ready Fire fans. They're comin'... (Photo:

Insert your own caption here.

6 thoughts on “Goodbye Dommer, Hello Duka!

  1. And traded for the rights of Robbie Rogers as well. Solid trade.

    The only major question for this team is who is up front. Will Mackie and Rolfe be prolific goal scorers this season? Who is gonna score goals after those two? What happens when Rolfe inevitably gets hurt? And can the Fire score enough goals this year to make the playoffs (a team usually has to score around 45 goals)?

    • I understand your concern. Many share it with you, and some even go to great statistical lengths to flesh it out and sound the proverbial alarm.

      But let’s step back for a second, assess the terrain, and ask ourselves a question: In sum, looking at what Chicago has gained versus what it has lost since November, why are people freaking out about Oduro’s departure? If the tactics are right, there is no reason to believe (with the current personnel) that Chicago cannot equal or exceed the 46 goals it scored last year.

      We know who will be up front (primarily), and a fourth forward will indeed surface by March 3rd.

  2. We have a fine team and have made some solid additions. No one is arguing that, but depth up front is the Fire’s number one issue. If player(s) don’t produce or picks up an injury we will have very little to go on. The Fire are a playoff team, but every playoff team has a weakness.

    And I would say the Fire’s second issue is CB depth. Considering our starting RB is the third choice CB and we’re hoping Kinney is a capable backup.

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