Chicago Fire Preseason Photo Fun: It’s On!

New season, new kicks. (photo: @PaladiniXI)

New season, new kicks. (photo: @PaladiniXI)

Let the 2013 preseason commence!

Yes folks, your Firemen reported for duty last weekend and, as usual, the Tweetosphere (this time in photo form) provided plenty of opportunity for us to give you what we love most: the fluff. So, with a little help from our friends, let’s have a laugh or two, or three, or four. Shall we?


On The Fire snagged four particularly outstanding Chicago Fire-related photos off Twitter last weekend and decided to hold a little contest. And while there were multiple worthy submissions for each shot, we decided to go with the best of the lot. So without further adieu, please enjoy the comedic caption stylings of four of our wittiest Twitter pals…

Last Friday, Fire Nation received visual confirmation of Designated Player Alvaro Fernandez’s arrival in Qatar. In case you didn’t know, El Flaco’s on loan to party with the sheiks of Al Rayyan SC for at least six months. But our man Robert Grabe wants to know: Will the spindly Uruguayan ever make it back to the Western Hemisphere? And who’s paying whom in this deal anyway?

elflaco alrayyan

@rgrabe20: “This looks like a ransom video where Alvaro assures everyone he’s being treated well and eating enough.”

Godspeed mi amigo…

Bringing it back stateside, players arrived bright and early last Friday morning at Toyota Park to check in and prepare for the trip down to their pre-season training site in Ave Maria, Florida. And of course, our favorite (and most enigmatic?) muse Dominic Oduro was on the scene to abide our unrelenting appetite for the fluff. And wouldn’t you know it, our brothers-in-arms The Yorkies obliged with their rapacious Canadian wit:

oduro back for 2013 via hannan

 @TheYorkies1812: “Chicago unveil 3rd kit. First to embrace Adidas’s new ‘DashikiFit’ technology.”


Oh how we adore our footy friends from Toronto! Okay, I’ll stop gushing. Moving on…

Chicago fans are stoked (and still pinching themselves) to have one of New Jersey’s most beloved soccer men wearing Fire red now. This photo of the “Estonian Rocky,” Mr. Joel Lindpere, had Red Bulls fans shedding virtual tears all over their Twitter machines. He’s ours now, and he’s a baaad man [cue the hand-rubbing and moustache twisting]. Employing his best telekinetic efforts, our friend Steve Ferrigan peered into the mind of one of MLS’s finest as he posed for the camera:

lindpere via instagram

@steveferrigan: “I must break you.”


Perhaps Ivan Drago was Estonian? After all, Estonia was once (unfortunately) part of the Soviet Union

While Friday was for paperwork and photographs, on Saturday your Firemen continued their 2013 intake with some futuristic cardiovascular activity. Below is a shot of the most underrated player in MLS, Mr. Daniel Paladini, preparing for his VO2 treadmill fitness test. As you see, this is no joke. Of the test, our friend Sherjill MacDonald even eloquently remarked, “That shit was hard!!” And while we had four worthy submissions for this one, loyal reader Collin Johnson took the prize…

paladini vo2

@CJohnsonBago:  “Didn’t Michael Phelps get caught doing this?”

Hey now!

Disclaimer: While Daniel indeed strikes us as a man who likes to party, we at On The Fire have no confirmation that he likes to party in this way. But if he does, he knows where to find us…

That’s all for now folks! But hey, it’s a new year, with new faces, and the Tweetosphere (as you know) is one of our favorite places to ply our trade. So what does that mean for you, dear reader?

Well, more fluff of course!

We at On The Fire promise to do our best in 2013 to continue our mission to troll the interwebs and bring you the best your Firemen have to offer on Twitter. So, if you like the fluff (and we know you do), stay tuned during the coming weeks for a special pre-season edition of our old standby: “Firemen in the Tweetosphere!”

But wait, we’re not done…

Bonus Fluff!

wenger zipper gif

Your caption here

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