Firemen in the Tweet-o-sphere: Premier Edition

GarganJohnson_1Sherjill MacDonaldheadshotAlvaro Fernandez

Ever wonder what the Fire are up to when they’re not training hard and giving it their all on the pitch? Or perhaps you’re curious about what the Men in Red deem to be thoughts worthy of sharing with the rest of us out here in cyberspace? Well, wonder no more! Their thumbs have been busy this week…

Disclaimer: We here at On The Fire are not above what some might consider petty gossip. While we make every effort to bring you actual soccer coverage, we realize that we’ve also got to “get in where we fit in”, so to speak. And to all of you purists out there: don’t hate the player(s), hate the game. So without further adieu, welcome to…[cue the echo voice]…”Firemen in the Tweet-o-sphere”!

#3 Dan Gargan (unfortunately) professed his love for Coldplay. But the Fire defender made up for his poor musical taste after he taunted Seattle Sounders forward Eddie Johnson. In case you missed it, EJ whiffed a PK to give Sporting Kansas City the U.S. Open Cup. Hilarious tweet on a glorious moment for the Kings of the Cup, #cf97. Apparently, Johnson is a douche, so Dan gave him what he deserves. Love the Gargan.

#25 Sean Johnson rocked some FIFA ’12 on XBox 360. Apparently he’s unbeatable.

#7 Sherjill MacDonald chilled at Oak Street beach and enjoyed a well-deserved cocktail (or two perhaps?) during his time off after the Fire’s 2-1 victory over Toronto FC. Cheers Mac!

#4 Flaco Fernandez gave us an update on his tweaked ankle. He’ll be fine.

#20 Tony Walls professed his new found love for sushi and is a fan of The Most Interesting Man in the World. T. Walls often provides his followers with inspirational morning tweets and random hip-hop lyrics. Seems like a cheery fellow that T. Walls. But alas, he is a Packers fan and all Packers fans can go to hell.

#70 Paolo Tornaghi went to the horse races with Tony Walls. Yawn.

#8 Dominic Oduro is tweeting bible verses. You do the math.

#16 Marco Pappa attended his first Bears Game Thursday against the Broncos. Will somebody please tell him its preseason? A Chicago pro athlete of his stature should at least get comped for a regular season game. Sheesh! In fact, Marco, if you’re reading this, you can have my wife’s ticket to the (real) home opener vs. the Colts. That’s right Big Pappa, me and you at Soldier Field on a Sunday in September. What more could you ask for?

#11 Daniel Paladini is a slow driver, likes fitted suits, and sails Lake Michigan. Double yawn.

#99 Hunter Jumper is an NFL fan. Hopefully, he understands that it’s good for his career in Chicago to hate the Packers. And, if soccer doesn’t work out for Hunter, he can always rely upon his crazy eyes as a possible entry point into the other professional football.

This look would scare the bejesus out of Caleb Hanie.

…[Cue the drum roll, dramatic orchestral outro music, and echo voice]…

Well folks, that’s it from Twitterland for now. Check back soon to see what your Firemen are up to in On The Fire’s second edition of “Firemen in the Tweet-o-sphere”!

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